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Opening Pittsburgh Roastery with East End Brewing Co.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about tomorrow. I had trouble sleeping Friday night because I spoke with Phil and Bradly about their preparations for Monday – well, tonight I know that I will not sleep. In fact, I have to be up at 4 or so to get things together and then drive in. No worries – I downloaded the new Mumford & Sons album for the drive in. Continue reading

Coffee updates and such

There are a few people that I am really grateful for that have made the commonplace what it is today – those people know who they are. One of those people is Andre Chubb. We celebrate him this week as it is his birthday and call out the fact that we are all better people for knowing him. Andre, I value you and hope that you feel celebrated.

We felt really hopeful last week about getting in the new East End Brewing Space soon – but are not sure at this point. We have finished the barn wood facing of the bar and have a few more things to do but hopefully it wont be too much longer.

We have some of our coffee at Beehive Coffeehouse in the South Side. We are really excited about expanding our offerings there and continuing to work at such a cool icon of Pittsburgh coffee (they should be in yinztagram).

Buzz Coffee is opening in Freeport on Monday – we are excited about helping another client go from little information about coffee to full on business and they are really excited about serving everything fresh by the cup (they have no batch brewer). Please make a trip out to Freeport (right off 28) and check this place out.

Jamie is filling in for a lot of Al’s duties as she meets her daughter soon – so, any questions about indiana stuff should be sent to him for the time being. thanks Jamie for all you do!!

I had a great meeting with Andrew from Saxifrage School in Pittsburgh

  • we will be partnering with them in at least the Voluto space for them to hold some classes.

Thanks for all your support, we are really excited to bring you good coffee.


We are excited about a couple of new customers we will be working with starting this week. First, the artist hand gallery and coffee bar will be opening this week in Indiana, PA. Second the Gaslight café will begin using our coffee under their new ownership. The Gaslight café is located in Philipsburg, PA.

We are still anxiously waiting on roasting in Pittsburgh under our partnership with East End Brewing Company. We are getting closer but we are still waiting on a few things to be finished up before moving in.

We are excited to announce that we will be stocking Bonavita products in our stores. Besides great kettles they have a great line of brewers with great heating elements and awesome brew heads for making a great cup of coffee at home (in a traditionally styled brewer).

Phil has sourced a great Guatemalan that we will be addng to the list of available coffees soon – more details to come.

Thanks for all your support – we are excited to be able to continue to get better at what we do with coffee.