Frank’s Passion for the Relationships of Coffee

I love coffee in practice, I love it even more in theory.

Coffee espresso movie planter A local film student and friend of Frank’s was interested in his approach to coffee. She wanted to interview him and get a sense of his drive for a short film project. She did so, and captured a bit of what it is that motivates Frank tick behind the counter. All the parts of coffee mean something to him: the coffee cherry, the farmers and growers, those who drink it.

When people come in and look at our menu board, and it has the name of a farm or region from people in a certain country, and people just ask “I just want a regular cup of coffee!”. Well, this a regular cup of coffee. Coffee comes from somewhere. I don’t really like the word customer. We really care about the person on the other side of the counter.

It’s people like Frank who make us so good at what we do…