Pour over

Many of you are aware of the pains we went through to obtain one of the last clovers produced before Starbucks made it impossible for anyone to purchase a new one. As the events have unfolded we have had to remove the clover from service in Indiana. This is not a totally bad thing. We are pleased to announce the unveiling of the “pour over bar” in the shop. This is not a gimmick nor is it a replacement for the clover. It is a method of brewing, similar to the clover, allows the barista to have control of parameters of the brew. There are no other similarities with the clover – it is a distinct brewing method. One of the main reasons for this coffee coming out so good is that we are able to “up-dose” the coffee. We are finding that we the properly updosed coffee the TDS (total dissolved solids) goes up. The result is a sweeter, cleaner tasting coffee. Let me know when you’re coming and I will sit and have a cup with you.