Core Coffees

Los Naranjos Colombia: Citric acidity with an allspice note, perfect for winter.
La Flor de Zapote Peru: Dried cherry and chamomile; a buttery body and dynamic acidity.
Kunjin Papua New Guinea: Rich and sweet, balanced milk chocolate.

Special Offerings

Juan Peña Ecuador: Dark chocolate and green-grape brightness.
Don Julio Guatemala: Pumpkin aroma, berry tartness with a creamy body.
Condado Brazil: Nutella with a Red berry acidity and finish; syrupy body.

Blends and Espresso

Morning Blend: Smooth, works equally well with or without cream and sugar; a balanced and lively daily cup accessible to all tastes.
Bohemian Blend: Full-bodied and tart, with some sweetness; for those who are looking for a bold coffee.
Perpetual Espresso: Chocolate and caramel, with a bright finish; for balanced and sweet straight shots and small milk drinks.
Heartmender Espresso: Bittersweet cocoa with floral aromas; for heavy-bodied straight shots and larger milk drinks.
Tusk Espresso: If the Perpetual is too light and the Heartmender too heavy, the Tusk is the espresso for you.
Decaf Santa Barbara Colombia RSWP: Dry and bright with winey finish

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Relationship is at the heart of the Commonplace Coffee Company. Our desire is to honor each participant in the supply chain, from a coffee’s producer all the way to the person with that cup in their hands. We believe that as a coffee roaster, our responsibility is to present coffees we love as best we can while providing our wholesale clients with all the tools they need to make each cup the best it can be. We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our partners. Get in touch with us and see where we can go together.