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Another Day, Another…

Before we get to the rest of the content of this particular post, we just wanna put this out there: we recognize that it can be awkward, raised eyebrows if you will, to do the #humblebrag. Posting about your own success is… well, awkward. We recognize that. We don’t want to be “that guy” or Continue Reading »

First Friday BarCP

Voluto Turns 3!, Bar Marco, and Unblurred

Sooooo, this is a big week for Commonplace Voluto. On May 1st, we’re celebrating all day -with you!- by having some special deals. If you follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and check out our Facebook feed, you’ll get the scoop. We’re saving the details for the conversation. [wink wink] It’s also First Friday of the Continue Reading »

how-to-use chemex

It’s Time for [Coffee] School!

We have conversations with some of y’all almost every day about brewing, from the exploratory query to the more advanced technical clarity: “What’s the difference between French Press and a Pour Over?” “How fine should the coffee grind be for a Chemex?” “I have a coffee grinder with two blades that spin, will that work?” Continue Reading »

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Coffee and Milk: The Basics. Barista 101 is Back!

Update: as of midnight on April 28th, the class has been filled. Sorry if you missed it! Stay tuned for news about then next one. Your education docket has increased yet again: get your first shot at becoming a barista! Or, brush up on that training you’ve already had. One of our trainers, the accomplished Continue Reading »

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MORE National Accolades? Wow.

After our third year in The Daily Meal’s recognition as one of the best coffee shops nationwide, we got another shout out. The Culture Trip did a top 12 independent coffee shops in the US. How big is it this accolade? We’re not sure, but here’s what we do know: ” [we are] a one-stop digital platform for global Continue Reading »