It is our great honor to bring you the Huila, Columbia. Colombian coffee might be some of the most well known to coffee drinkers around the world, and the Huila Select is testament to that. This particular bean is grown by a group of small holders, each producing 1-15 bags. Cafe Imports is our go-to for this regions bean; their mission is based on fair trade and environmentally conscious growing practices. People and place matter!

Commonplace Roastery, Columbia Huila Coffee

The tasting profile has hints of melon and acidity, a sugar cane sweetness with a Riesling finish. This roast has a cocoa aroma, making for a well rounded taste to your palate! It will be available as a pour over at most of our locations, and other possibilities await.

More coffee geekery:

  • Bean varietal: Caturra, Columbia
  • Growth Altitude: 1500-1700 ft.
  • Processing method: washed


Although we’re just coming out of the holiday seasons, many of us already feel cabin fever. The longing for beaches, hikes in the woods, and lazy summer days have become more frequent as coffee passes hands across the bar.

Well, we have an out! Or, at least a bit of reprieve. The Pittsburgh shops have the privilege of working with the lovely and talented Jeanette, creative-prowess owner of the Gluten Free Goat! What does that mean for warm-weather dreams, you ask? [cue symphonic fanfare]


That’s right! The pumpkin spice tastes of the holidays will hibernate again, while we usher in the floral, citrusy joys of spring. These gluten-free, circular num-nums are gluten and soy free, AND vegan. (Check out Jeanette’s site for a more robust description of her business.)

She delivers to us on Tuesdays and Fridays; best to come as close the drop-day as you can; we sold out of the Spring at Voluto in less than 24 hours this week!


slide-4Did you know…

…that there are as many variables and science and art to roasting as there are to pulling that perfect shot for your cappuccino? Have you ever wondered what makes a dark roast unique, and what length of time one needs for a light roast? And how does the different roast taste with the same bean? And did you know we actually have recipes for our roasts, just like for our pourovers! And they change each season, and sometimes with each crop.

Phil, our own Commonplace roaster, has been at this for a long time. He’s been in coffee even longer, and remains one of the most respected in his field here in Pittsburgh. Your opportunity to pick his brain and learn a bit more about your morning habit just showed up: He’s at the roastery during growler hours this Saturday from 1-4pm! It’s not quite one of our Open Lab’s, but he would love to talk about the bean, the roast, and all things farm to cup with you. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! (Plus, you can drink great coffee roasted *AND* brewed by Phil himself; and fill up a couple of growlers for your evening festivities. What’s not to love?!?)

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to use that v60 manual brewer you got, or are interested in learning the art and science of espresso drinks, kick off the New Year with New Knowledge! This weekend is the opportunity to get into the coffee groove.

Open Lab:  Saturday, January 3 from 1-4pm at 147 Julius St. 15206

What Happens:  Come interact, hands on, with a variety of manual brewing methods such as V60, Chemex and Aeropress with a Commonplace Barista.  Feel free to bring your own manual brewer from home and any questions, comments or helpful hints you may found.

Intro to Espresso/Milk Class:  Sunday, January 4 from 530-730pm at Commonplace Voluto

UPDATE: This session has been filled! Stay tuned for our next classes…

Pittsburgh espresso coffee barista trainingWhat Happens:  Learn basic espresso and milk steaming theory as well as getting some hands on practice behind the bar.  Cost is $20/person. RSVP to as space is limited.

Happy holidays! Our Holiday Brew Kits are ready to bring warmth and happiness to all. We’ve got a new page set up under the “Shop” tab in the menu that gives you the details of each gift set for your tea and coffee loving family friends. Click here for the goods!

Beginners Set: hand ground coffee! What else to say? $65

Beginners Set: hand ground coffee! What else to say? $65

Photo Nov 11, 9 24 03 AM

Last week, as summer fought off it’s slow demise into winter, Christian Shaknaitis practiced his rare art of hand lettering on a sunny November day. We enjoy the vintage look in our spaces and materials, and his work seemed to be the perfect fit for a new paint job on Voluto’s spacious glass storefront. And so it was! He’s been awesome to work with, and we highly recommend him if you’re considering new signage.

Here’s a progression of his work at Voluto. You can follow him out on Facebook and Instagram to see his current work. Thanks Christian!.